What We Do

Attendee Engagement, Data Analytics, and Direct Communication - in the form of an app.

At Eventus, we make event apps for event planners. Our mission is simple - how can we make event planners more effective at their job? Our answer was the Eventus event app. Through the event app we provide a direct outlet to your attendees, that you can use to open up capabilities that weren't possible before.

Communicate Directly

Phones act as a direct line of communication to attendees. Use push notifications, live schedule updates, live surveys/results to directly interact with your attendees wherever and whenever.

Real-Time Data

Event analytics before, during, and after your event. Track things like attendee breakdown by category, which FAQ questions were viewed the most, and more.

Happy Attendees

Event apps consolidate schedules, maps, parking directions, FAQs, and more. Replacing stacks of paper and banners all over the venue with an easy access app will make life easier for attendees.

Event Planner Features

We focus on providing event planners direct product offerings, on top of a beautiful event app. See just some examples of what we offer below.

You might have custom requirements that don't fit any of the features below. For these cases, we can discuss custom solutions tailored specifically for your event.

Data Analytics

Get insights on your event performance through our data analytics portal you receive as part of our app platform. You will be able to track metrics such as ROI, user sentiment, and more.

Measure attendee engagement
Get real time updates on app adoption, interaction, and other important metrics.

Drive more value for your sponsors and exhibitors
Track the ROI for those who contributed to your event by giving them analytics on data such as attendee reach and interactions.

Push Notifications

Communicate with your attendees instantly by sending them a direct message to their phones.

Immediately update attendees on important event information
The push notification web portal allows you to send messages to your attendees as often as you need to. This makes it extremely easy to keep them up to do date on any event changes or agenda items.

Promote sponsors and other messages from event members
Use the push notifications as a way to send out sponsor messages, exhibitor offerings, and other promoted messages.

Hands-Free Setup

The most simple app setup process. All you need to do is send us your program, and our group of in-house developers and designers will take care of the rest.

Setting up your event app is effortless and quick.
Our team is composed of developers and designers with over a decade of experience in mobile app development and design. This will ensure that your app not only functions smoothly, but is also aesthetically pleasing as well. Furthermore, our designers will create custom branded images for your app to make it even more specialized for your event.

Attendee Features

Eventus apps are powered by our suite of over 10 modules. Have a look through them below. Click on a picture to read more about a specific module.

You might have custom requirements that don't fit any of the modules below. For these cases, we can discuss custom solutions tailored specifically for your event.