The Eventus Virtual Org-Fair Platform

A Bridge for your Students and Campus Groups to connect face-to-face without the need to be physically together.

Customized Branding
Easy-to-Browse Virtual Booths Highly Personalized Booths for your Orgs

Core Features

Digital Booths

Easy-to-Setup Virtual Booths for your Student Orgs to exhibit from

1-on-1 Video Sessions

Allow students to network in short pre-booked 15-minute sessions with orgs they're interested in

Group Sessions

Orgs that want to host larger sessions are free to do so, along with their 1-on-1 calendar

Highly Personalized Booths

Allow students to highlight the best parts of their organization, with a description and photos

Straightforward Setup

Students historically have no trouble understanding the 3-step booth setup process

Yearlong and/or Physical

Preserve the final Virtual Fair page as a Year-Long tool for students to browse orgs on campus


Straightforward Setup

Simply submit the email address of each organization's contact into our system, and the process will handle the rest.

Students have historically had no trouble getting set up with our straightforward 3 step process, consisting of personalization, availability (on the day of the fair), and testing their video room.


Highly Personalized Booths

Cover Photos and other social network like personalization allow your student groups to actually create a booth that compels other students to join.


After the Event

During the Fair, the Virtual Fair page is a great resource for browsing the various student groups around campus.

So why even turn it off after the fair? Allow students and student groups to continue using the Virtual Fair page throughout the year as a central student life resource.

How it Works

A Three Step Process

Step 1: Pre-Event Setup

2-3 Weeks Before the Event

  1. Set up your event details. This can be as easy as just a name, a description, timeframe and a logo.
  2. Invite your Student Leaders via a simple interface where you enter their emails.

    Student Leaders receive an email invite that includes instructions and credentials for setting up their digital booth.
Step 2: Fair Registration Opens

1-2 Weeks Before the Event

  1. Students are invited to the event via email. There is a brief sign-up process after they read your event description.
  2. Students fill out their profiles and book time slots for calls with the employers.
Step 3: Virtual Fair Day

...the day of the event!

  1. Orgs and students have their booked calls and/or group sessions, with automated reminders before their session via email.
  2. Keep your fair page Evergreen as a way new students can continue to browse student groups around campus. Why turn off what could be a great student life resource!

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