Each year Washington University at St. Louis (WUSTL) welcomes 3,000 new students to its campus. Incoming freshman, transfer students, and international students will join the ranks of other Bear’s to call Washington University in St. Louis their new academic home.

The Orientation team wanted to ensure each of their students had an engaging orientation experience to kickstart their collegiate career. Additionally, digital transformation was a main focus for Washington University in St. Louis, so the Orientation team looked for a solution that would revamp the way they delivered their orientation programming.

This is why the Orientation team at Washington University decided to implement an orientation app.

Streamlining Content

Prior to using an orientation app, the Orientation team wanted a platform that would make it easier to share their event programming. Rather than sharing cumbersome PDFs, paper brochures, and spreadsheets, they wanted to centralize their content and deliver it to students in an intuitive manner.

Furthermore, they wanted an easier way to share work across different team members and departments. It could be very cumbersome to share work across various offices.

WUSTL Orientation App

WUSTL Orientation App #1

The WUSTL Orientation team utilized the Orientation App solution to consolidate all their orientation programming into one concise mobile app. was simple for all team members to onboard and use. Collaboration across various teams was also much easier since all the content was centralized into one mobile app.

By providing all the orientation content in a mobile app, the WUSTL Orientation team was able to meet students where they were and offer everything through mobile.

Features included:

  • First-Year Schedules
  • Transfer Student Schedules
  • Interactive Maps
  • Health & Safety Info
  • Financial Aid Tips
  • University Social Media

The Orientation team was also able to keep students up to date on relevant matters by sending push-notifications through the app.