The mission of the Mass Maritime Academy (MMA) Alumni Association is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Alumni and MMA. This is achieved through the support of networking among all alum for personal and professional development by offering appropriate social activities and services.

To accomplish these goals, MMA Alumni Association organizes events to facilitate members’ contacts with each other and with the Academy. In doing so, they ensure their dedication to keeping their members’ common bond of Academy experience alive, through reunions and other special events.

Outdated Event Programming

MMA Alumni Association knew their conventional ways of managing their alumni event programming such as excel spreadsheets were becoming outdated. These can be tedious and thereby a time waster. If events to drive alumni engagement and donations are ineffective, that can be costly and raise multiple issues down the line for universities. Therefore, it’s imperative to find an all-in-one technology solution to kill multiple birds with one stone.

Modernized Solution

Mass Maritime

Mass Maritime Academy Alumni Association partnered with to help make their alumni homecoming events simpler to manage and more effective. Along with time saved through automated processes, with software, each event can be more engaging and memorable. This all helps to promote the goal of alumni associations alike, to cultivate a culture of life-lasting alumni growth and support.

Mass Maritime

Features of the app included:

  • Homecoming Schedule
  • Tailgating Map
  • FAQ
  • Campus Map
  • Transportation Info
  • List of Attendees