Our Story

Based out of Houston, Texas - Eventus was founded in 2013 with a mission to bring next generation technology to the higher-ed industry. Initially focused on events, Eventus helped teams in higher-ed implement mobile apps for their career fairs, orientations, and conferences.

Over the years, to better service the evolving needs of our partners, Eventus’s portfolio of projects now spans across several facets of higher-ed and offers everything from campus social networks to virtual event tools.

In recent years, Eventus' virtual offerings have been extensively used for corporate and conference events as well, particularly virtual career fairs and virtual job fairs.

Our Commitment to Higher Ed

The EdTech industry is plagued with solutions that students don’t engage with. Many solutions promise a plethora of features, that ultimately end up useless because students don't use them.

In 2021, incoming freshmen will have used smartphones since before they were 10 years old. To this generation, smartphones aren’t a novelty, they are a way of life. Over 50% of Gen Z spends over 5 hours per day on their phones, and that number is growing.

At Eventus, we help universities build cutting edge mobile apps and virtual solutions that help bridge this newly emerging communication gap between universities and students.

Because ultimately, students want to engage with their university.

You just have to meet them where they are.

Our Mission

A new generation demands new experiences

At Eventus, we bridge the gap between the traditional technologies used in higher-ed and the modern technologies used by students today.

Modern Design

Give students a well designed experience that they’ll actually want to stick with.

Social Capabilities

Build out a social platform and engage in ways your students are used to.

Big Data

Uncover insights into student behavior and adapt your engagement strategy in real-time.

Digital Content

Digitize all your resources so that they’re easily accessible through a mobile app.

We’re Changing How Universities Engage Their Students

Email campaigns. Paper surveys. Wordpress blogs. Many universities today rely on technologies and strategies that students are disengaged from. Unfortunately, this is because universities are often years behind the latest tech trends.

We take the latest technologies and package them in a manner that makes sense for universities and their students. The power of big data, targeted messaging, and social networks shouldn’t be reserved for just corporations, when they can be so much better applied to universities.

Change Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Universities move slowly. When you're responsible for the education of thousands of students, it's necessary to lean towards being averse to change.

We make adopting a mobile strategy simple and reliable. To date, not a single Eventus implementation has gone sour. Check out some of our reviews on Capterra.

Our Growing List of Partners

A growing number of universities and institutions are already using Eventus solutions to support their move to modern student and attendee technologies.

Reviews & Testimonials

Don't take it from us. See what our customers have to say about working with Eventus.
Read more Capterra Reviews here.

“Our virtual fair was a great success! Something that really helped was the pre-scheduled 1-on-1 video chats. Our recruiters were able to participate in very engaging conversations with very little hassle. We ended up filling many of our crucial roles and added several quality candidates to our recruitment pipeline.”

Kailee, Event Organizer, Gov. Organization, 20,000+ employees

The app is a great addition to our overall program. I used it throughout the day instead of carrying a program around and that was super helpful. The customer support was great and edits/updates were made in a timely fashion. The product was finished and ready to go when needed.

Tricia, Director, Higher Education, 10,0001+ employees

I have been using Eventus for about 2-3 years but this is the first year where I was really involved with the content and working closely with the tech team. I can honestly say it was a GREAT experience and very reliable. In fact, I have recommended Eventus to about 5 other folks who inquired about it. While there may be a lot of other software packages out there, my organization will be sticking with Eventus.

Linda, Director, Higher Education, 1,001-5,000 employees


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