Online Orientation

Bring your orientation program online in an instant with our industry leading virtual tools

All encompassing modules that prepare your students for campus life

Guided Pathways

Build guided learning paths centered around the orientation experience.

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Student Assessments

Gauge student comprehension and provide feedback that maximizes student success.

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Completion Reminders

Drive program completion by giving timely reminders based on student progress.

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Virtual Handbook

Digitize your orientation resources and communications with a robust mobile app.

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Build Guided Pathways

Whether it’s for first-year students or transfer students, set up unique orientation paths for each of your audiences.

Organize your orientation program into guided pathways that your incoming students can easily walkthrough. Everything from welcome videos, dining info, and academic deadlines can be integrated for your students to review in a guided experience.

Furthermore, you can build separate paths with unique sets of information to ensure that the proper information reaches the right students.

Guided pathways

Assess Student Comprehension

Drive student success from the start by making sure that students get what they need from your orientation.

With Eventus you can set up assessments in your online orientation program to check how well students are learning your content. You can even gate progression until students show a certain level of mastery to ensure proper comprehension.

Student Assessment

Drive Orientation Completion

Set up reminders for your students to ensure that they complete your online orientation in a timely manner.

Sometimes students need a little nudge to remind them to complete their tasks on time. Eventus helps by providing automated reminders and push notifications to keep students on track to finish their online orientation.

Completion reminders

Orientation Resources on Mobile

To complement your online orientation, give students a mobile app that houses all your important orientation resources.

Students today consume the majority of their information through a mobile phone. Meet them where they are by providing a virtual handbook in the form of a mobile app that houses all of your resources whether it’s dining information, academic checklists, or campus maps.

Student Assessment

Give your students the edge

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